New York City

June 9, 2023

GothamGo is an annual Go Language conference held in the most awesome city in the world!





June 7

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Golang NYC Meetup at Datadog

June 8

9:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Ultimate Service with Kubernetes Workshop at Anchorage Digital

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Gophers Unite GoBridge Meetup

June 9

8:30 AM

Registration and Breakfast

9:25 AM


9:30 AM

Cameron Balahan — State of the Go Nation

10:00 AM

Lesley Cordero — Using Golang for Platform Engineering

10:30 AM


11:00 AM

Mofizur Rahman — Sorting a Trillion Numbers with Go

11:30 AM

Alan Shreve — Abstractions are Dead, Long Live Abstractions!

12:00 PM


1:20 PM

Jason Hall — ko: The only good way to build Go containers

1:50 PM

Alan Donovan and Robert Findley — Redesigning Gopls for 10x scale

2:30 PM


3:00 PM

Katie Hockman — Practical Fuzzing

3:30 PM

Moieed Ahmed and Lee Tsai — Go Big! Go Enterprise

4:00 PM

Happy Hour

NOTE: Schedule subject to change.

Ultimate Service with Kubernetes Workshop

We are very happy to announce that a Ultimate Service with Kubernetes workshop day will be provided by Ardan Labs. This workshop will take place the day before GothamGo, on June 8th.

Learn how to build production-level services in Go with a focus on macro-level engineering decisions.

This class teaches how to build production-level services in Go with a focus on macro-level engineering decisions. From the beginning you will pair program with the instructor, walking through the design philosophies and guidelines used to engineer the code. With each new feature, you will learn more about the transition from programming to engineering and the points of refactoring required to write production level applications. Throughout the class, Go modules and Kubernetes will be a focus. Everyone will be making better engineering decisions after this class.

Prerequisites: A basic understanding of the Go programming language. Students do not have to be expert Go users but they will get the most from the workshop if they have completed the majority of the Tour of Go.

Instructor: William Kennedy is a managing partner at Ardan Labs in Miami, Florida. Ardan is a group of passionate engineers, artists and business professionals focused on building and delivering reliable, secure and scalable solutions. Bill is also the author of Go in Action and the Ultimate Go Notebook, plus the author of over 100 blog posts and articles about Go. Lastly, he is a founding member of GoBridge and the GDN, which are organizations working to increase Go adoption through diversity.


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